You won’t change that which you don’t acknowledge


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“What’s your Aura?”

Is there a characteristic, personality trait or Aura that you know in your heart you should change? Everyone has atĀ least one. I know I do. Ready to remove it? I know I am!

START DIGGING! Where did these undesirableĀ behaviors take root? Why have you continued to water weeds? Without blame, self-pity or excuses, acknowledge your flaws, shortcomings, missed opportunities and “room for improvements”. No matter how painful your truth may be, acknowledge your truth. It is in this place of acknowledgement that you can begin to find answers. It is also in this place of acknowledgement that you can break the chains of shame, guilt and pride. Acknowledgement positions you to repent, make peace, forgive, discuss, trust, understand, accept, apologize and most importantly change.


“A slave that acknowledges its enslavement is halfway to its liberation.” -Mokokoma Mokhonoana