You won’t change that which you don’t acknowledge


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“What’s your Aura?”

Is there a characteristic, personality trait or Aura that you know in your heart you should change? Everyone has at least one. I know I do. Ready to remove it? I know I am!

START DIGGING! Where did these undesirable behaviors take root? Why have you continued to water weeds? Without blame, self-pity or excuses, acknowledge your flaws, shortcomings, missed opportunities and “room for improvements”. No matter how painful your truth may be, acknowledge your truth. It is in this place of acknowledgement that you can begin to find answers. It is also in this place of acknowledgement that you can break the chains of shame, guilt and pride. Acknowledgement positions you to repent, make peace, forgive, discuss, trust, understand, accept, apologize and most importantly change.


“A slave that acknowledges its enslavement is halfway to its liberation.” -Mokokoma Mokhonoana


9 thoughts on “You won’t change that which you don’t acknowledge


    This has touch as soft spot in me. My biggest thing that I need to change is the fear of failure. I kno my calling is to help ppl and altho there are many ways to help ppl I luv the field in work in. Im an CNA, but want to do so much more like going back to school for lvn or better yet my BSN, but my fear of failure will not allow me to obtain this. Its not just the fear of failing, but the feeling of failing myself and my children.


    • You have now acknowledged that you have a fear of failure. Now you need to figure out where this started and why are you continuing to allow this fear of failure to cause you to FAIL. You are failing your dreams, You are failing your possibilities, You are failing your potential. Fear will keep you from tapping into you potential. Yes, it will be difficult. But whats worse difficulty reaching your destination or constantly wondering if you could have actually reached your destination? Fear is the adversary of Faith. Feed your Faith! Constantly speak faith-filled words over your life. Listen to & read the word of God. Because Faith comes by hearing. Be Blessed


    • mspublishedauthor

      You can’t let fear keep you from doing what God has called you to do. You are strong and you have never failed your kids yet. Be strong, keep your head held high and move on up to the front of the line where you know you should be.


  2. Shawn ANDERSON

    Ok this is me:my short comings my flaw is that i think im a disoranized person inside.i have a lot of clutter.dat I’ve been holding on to and in afraid to clean house cause dat will force me to deal me to face my truth.( looking n da mirror)i have self doubt, n one of my biggest fear is to allow myself to step out on faith.


    • How does that make you feel? It isn’t a good feeling right? Allowing yourself to stay in that state is detrimental to your growth. Face your truth, remove anything or anyone who is not beneficial to your growth. Who do you surround yourself with? People who care about you push you to do better, they are honest & they help you deal with your truth. Where’s the room for God with all this clutter? Maybe that’s the reason for the chaos, insecurities and lack of Faith.


      • mspublishedauthor

        Whatever hurt you are feeling you have to let it go. You can’t move forward if you are still living in the past. Whatever, or whoever it is that is holding you back from being prosperous you have to forgive and give it to God. There is no problem you have that is bigger than God. When you look in the mirror, know that God has created you to be and have the best. Take a chance, step out on faith, he wont let you down. Don’t let anyone, or anything stop you from moving forward. Anytime you have a little doubt, you leave room for the devil to come in. Close the door on the devil and let Jesus in to do his work and that clutter will start to dissappear and you will start to feel better and see a big change.


  3. mspublishedauthor

    I think my problem comes from my personality. Because my personality is complex, bold and dominat, I am always direct, to the point and forthright and Im not afraid to make my point of view and with that I know that some people might see me as domineering. I have always said what I thought to be true and I know that sometimes what I say comes off as different than what I mean. I don’t try to hurt anyones feelings by what I say, or the way I say it so I pray that God will show me a better way to say what I mean. Patience is also not one of my strong suits. I sometimes get frustrated when I have to wait for something, hut I know that God is still working on me, I AM HIS WORK IN PROGRESS.


    • Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.
      This is a defense mechanism. It’s a way to avoid someone from taking on the domineering role. Being direct doesn’t have to be disrespectful. When you learn how to response to someone without cursing, name-calling or insults you gain confidence. I have personally experienced this as this is a area that I am currently working on. It is maturity. Also people are more receptive to take your advise. Respect breeds Respect. Be Blessed


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